Very small house, to be build on existing foundations with local materials, with the help of local workers and friends.   »

Jačina bar & restaurant

Jačina bar & restaurant is a mix of “cold” and “hot” materials such as concrete and wood in a very narrow building. Positioned in pedestrian street in the very centre of Niš, it will be a very common place for short breaks and healthy food.   »

Perla Eventi

Perla is a typical example of reconstruction of an old industrial building and its repurposing into restaurant for weddings and celebrations using modern style without much detail.   »


One family house, small yard with medium size swimming pool in quiet neighborhood next to St. Nicola church. Nice view to largest city park and soccer stadium.   »

SS Housing Building

With a very unique view, 6 flats 3 stories building stands as a guard on the south hill of Niš. »

Take Square

Take Square Restaurant & Bar is symbiosis of international kitchen, architecture and design mixed by Niš architects with Greek furniture and Belgrade contractors.   »

Shalung Cafeteria

Interior design for brand new cafeteria in Cara Dušana str. Industrial. Urban. Nervous. »